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Super Shiny's Frequently Asked Questions


Here you can find answers to the questions you may have about our services.


How do you count windows?


We count 4 different things to come up with a quote. Panels (one side of one piece of glass, 16" or larger in any direction), Splits (French panes, Florida windows, segmented transoms, etc... smaller than 16"), Ladder/Pole charges (anything over 9' high at the top edge) and Screen removal/replacement. We can even do a quote over the phone!


Do you accept Credit Cards?


We currently accept Cash and Personal or Business Checks. We do not accept credit cards at this time. We occasionally work in trade. 


I'm a realtor, do you offer make-ready services?


We do! Construction cleanup, make-ready, home staging, move-in gifts... We handle all types of window cleaning needs for many realtors in Lee, Charlotte, and Collier Counties. 


I'm planning a special event, how far in advance should I schedule for service?


We generally request two weeks notice in order to accommodate specific time/date requests, as we do cover a large region and are not yet available in all areas every day. 


How do I schedule?

Please call us to schedule at 239-834-7887 any evening after 6:30 PM. You are always welcome to call at your convenience and leave a message or contact us via email... But we are on the road 6-7 days per week doing our part to make Southwest Florida a little Shinier. You will ALWAYS get an answer or immediate response after 6:30 PM. Unless we are at a wedding, or it's somebody's birthday. 


How much do you charge?


A typical 1st floor window opening will range between $6 and $16 for interior and exterior. More complicated French-Paned bays and door sets can be anywhere from $10-$30. Second story windows cost about one-and-a-half times their first-floor counterparts, as they are more difficult to reach on the exterior and require additional time. Screen removal is $.50 per screen, and we will wipe down the edges and replace them once we have cleaned the windows. 


How long will it take to clean my windows?


Most houses are completed within an hour to an hour-and-a-half. If your house is big, very big, or very very big, it will take longer. If your house is very small, but you have a lot of French-Paned windows, that will also take longer.


Do you service high-rises?


Sort of. We can obviously do interiors, anything accessible from a Landing, Hallway, or Lanai with no problem. Various types of Fold-ins, Crank-outs, and other fantastic newfangled window inventions are also not a problem. As far as exterior windows that are not accessible from the interior, we are limited to 25' above stable footing, generally 2nd story and lower.


Can you clean acrylic windows?




What do you use to clean the windows?


Water, Ammonia, Dawn, proper Squeegees and Applicators, Technique, Know-How, Efficiency and Love. Oh, and awesome towels. 


My installer told me not to use ammonia on my tinted glass, can they still be cleaned?


Yup! Our mixture is very gentle. And just in case it does cause a problem, our liability insurance policy is very high. 

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